J. River Media Jukebox

J. River Media Jukebox 12.07.17

Free, full featured music jukebox with loads of extra tools


  • Intuitive interface, very easy to use
  • Great management tools for your music collection
  • Embedded player, search tool, ripping tool and burning tool
  • Support for portable music devices
  • Smart playlists


  • Could this be iTunes plagiarism?


Once you get used to a certain media player you feel somehow obliged to be faithful to it, which is certainly a mistaken attitude as it prevents you from discovering great tools like J.River Media Jukebox.

If the player you've been using until now is iTunes you already know how to use Media Jukebox, because the program resembles the Apple media player both in appearance and functionality. And if not, the learning curve won't take long thanks to Media Jukebox's intuitive design.

Like I said this program looks like iTunes a lot. On the one hand I wonder if this is going beyond any legal limits - as regards plagiarism. On the other hand, it makes Media Player very familiar and easy to use. Resemblances aside, the program features just about anything you would ask for in a full featured music player: from a library manager with which to organize your music collection to an embedded player, including a tag editor, a CD ripping tool, a CD burning tool and support for online podcasts, album art cover display and handheld music device synchronization.

Media Jukebox features a sleek dark interface organized in several areas and some extra details that add a spicy taste like the different 3D effects you can apply to the album cover art, the great smart playlist creation tool or the ability to download plug-ins from the developer's site to improve or add new functions to the program.

Summing up, J. River Media Jukebox is an excellent media suite where you'll find all the tools you'll ever need to organize, manage and enjoy your favorite music.

J. River Media Jukebox is an excellent alternative to other popular audio players: a complete media application that brings you all the functionality you could expect from a high-level media player.

See what you can do with J River Media Jukebox:

  • Best file organization of any digital music jukebox
  • Connect your iPod or PlaysForSure device
  • Play all popular music files, and audio podcasts
  • Rip, Burn and Encode to multiple formats
  • Create custom Playlists and Smartlists
  • Extensive Tagging capabilities
  • Automatic CD, Album art and Track look-up
  • Built-in music services, including the new Amazon MP3 store
  • Full speed Ripping and Burning
  • Powerful EQ, DSP and audio effects
  • Print custom CD labels and covers

J. River Media Jukebox


J. River Media Jukebox 12.07.17

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